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File Viewer lets you view the files you absolutely need to see when you need to see them.
See what you've been missing

As a file viewer, DiskJockey File Viewer simplifies your computer life. With one click, you can display more than 220 file formats* whether you have the original software application or not! For example, if someone sends you a Microsoft® PowerPoint® file, you can view the presentation even if you don't have PowerPoint on your computer.

Get better organized

As a file manager, File Viewer allows you to copy, move, delete, rename, store, zip, unzip, and find--all with drag and drop ease. What's more, it performs all major functions in background threads, allowing you to work faster and uninterrupted. You can create new folders, easily find archived files and conveniently navigate through the maze of directories on your system. For pure navigating speed, there's none better.

Never delete the wrong file again!
Clean up drives from File Viewer and be sure you're deleting the right files.
Tool Bars
Info Bars
Drive Window
Folder Window
File Window
Status Line
Manage all your files
Copy, move, delete, rename, copy, zip, unzip and find--all with drag and drop ease.
QuickZip and UnZip
Performed with one clickof Q-Zip or Q-UnZip buttons.
File Viewer
Instantly view the contents of more than 220 file formats* with one click, without opening the application, even if they're zipped!
Master the Power of Zip and UnZip

The Zip function is an excellent way to compress files. File compression takes a file or group of files and reduces them into a single file, often called a ZIPfile. This is useful for archiving or backing up files, fitting large or numerous files on a diskette, or reducing the transmission time used to send files over the Internet.

With DiskJockey you can handle your zip, gzip and tar archive files with ease. Create new zip archives, view existing ones, even view files inside zip files without unzipping!

DiskJockey's Quick-Zip and Quick-UnZip functions let you quickly zip or unzip files with one click!

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