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8 Reasons to upgrade to DiskJockey File Viewer Deluxe Edition for only $29.95
1. Print all viewable files with a single click, even if you don’t have the original application installed – and the printout will look as the application intended, including imbedded graphics, charts, etc.
2. Copy text to the clipboard right from DJ’s view panel, then paste to any other Windows application. Now you can cut and paste a paragraph without opening the file – just do it from DJ File Viewer Deluxe – very quick, very easy. Great productivity tool.
3. View more file formats. Deluxe Edition views even more file formats, all in WYSIWYG mode (What You See Is What You Get) - that simply means graphics and text all lined up as the author intended. The additional file formats supported by Deluxe include:
  • Corel/Novell Presentations – Versions through 11
  • Adobe Photoshop – Version 4.0
  • AutoCAD Interchange Format – Versions 12-14
  • AutoCAD Native Drawing Format – Versions 9-14, 2000i, & 2002
  • Gzip
  • LZA Self Extracting Compress LZH Compress
  • Microsoft Binder – Versions 7.0 – 97 MIME Text Mail
  • UUEncode UNIX Compress
4. View MP3 file labels. Deluxe even views the labels of an MP3 file, so you can tell the name, artist, album, recording length, and bitmap rate of your music collection. Furthermore, when selecting multiple mp3 files the total time for playing the list is updated on DJ’s Status Line.
5. Synchronize two folders on two different drives or on a networked computer. This is a great backup tool, copying only new or changed files in either folder to the other folder. The result after a Synchronize operation is that the two folders are identical with the newest files from both.
6. Create self extracting Zip files. So you can zip up several pictures of the kids and email them to Grand mom and she won’t have to struggle with unzipping software – just open the self extracting zip and the files are unzipped.
7. Picture Resize & Rename is a feature of Deluxe that makes it easy to select an entire group of graphic files, and resize them suitable for email, and rename them at the same time to easy to understand names like “Vacation 2004 001.jpg” “Vacation 2004 002.jpg” “Vacation 2004 003.jpg” … “Vacation 2004 xxx.jpg” – This is a great time-saver!
8. Additional functions for the power user like, print the list of files in a folder, or even copy the list to the clipboard - view the Hex equivalent of a file with a single click. Extract files from Gzip, Unix Compress, and Unix Tar files.
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